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Shera is an enterprising organizational development, leadership and communications expert with over 15 years of global experiences stewarding organizational effectiveness, leadership development and culture alignment for mission driven Fortune 1000 companies and non-profit organizations.

As a trusted advisor, partner, and coach, Shera is frequently called upon to evangelize new learning and development, DEI and change initiatives that develop and align people. processes and culture. She holds an M.Ed in Cognitive Science with a focus on Organizational Transformation and Learning from California State University, East Bay and a B.A. in Social Change from the University of Illinois.

Global Impact

Innovative and Accessible Learning Solutions

With her unique broad and deep industry experience consulting with professionals from over 40 countries, Shera has a deep insight to what organizations need today to build an aligned culture. She has a remarkable track record of synthesizing best practices and facilitating learning solutions that support operational efficiencies, business / performance outcomes, communications, and engagement.

Pioneering Coaching

Guidance that Accelerates Growth

Shera is a multi certified performance and career coach for front line leaders and xecutive teams in multiple industries. She leverages trust, transparency, curiosity and integrity as essential leadership competencies for navigating high stake scenarios. She has guided hundreds of mid career and senior professionals in transition through her potent programs to create fulfilling careers and successful businesses.

Beyond Business

Promoting Regenerative Communities

Shera is committed to building sustainable,regenerative communities in regions worldwide. She is the co-founder of The Community Resilience Project, Editor in Chief of two editions of Sustainable World Sourcebook, and has been a featured guest on numerous podcasts sharing her Leadership Mindset models and her Six Pillars of Community Resiliency. She is trained in the of the Art of Hosting Participatory Leadership and is a certified Community Mediator, Circling Facilitator, and facilitator of Marshal Rosenberg’s groundbreaking Conscious Communication (NVC) methodologies.

Shera consults with community leaders on creating trust and engagement within diverse communities and facilitates regenerative community engagement workshops in the USA and Mexico.

Prolific Contributor

Publications with National Recognition

Shera’s “Awakening Entrepreneurship” and “Creating Cultures of Engagement ” programs have received national recognition for their innovation and impact. Visit the links below to see Shera’s published works.

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