21-Day Empowerment Program

Accountability Groups

What You Focus On Expands

Empowering Group Calls

Experience focused, strategic, inspirational calls packed with resources and exercises to get you into action. Contact me about our next accountability group. Available for only $197, and free to clients enrolled in any 3- or 6- month coaching program.

See What's Possible


  • Set the pace for each day with intentions, declarations, commitments and group support
  • Use your big visions as a compass for decisions
  • Go through each day with 100% personal integrity
  • Receive compassionate guidance to release limiting beliefs, blocks, habits
  • Be seen, heard and witnessed with the collective heart intelligence of the group

Begin Your Transformation

Secure Your Spot Today, Experience Focus Tomorrow

Set some goals and watch what unfolds with mentorship and daily group support. We’re committed to breakthroughs and celebrating your wins! To secure your spot, register today. You’ll receive a brief questionnaire upon registering.

What to Expect

Our 21 Days Together

  1. Re-evaluate what’s important to you.
  2. Reinvent yourself and pivot with guidance.
  3. Step into your genius.
  4. Get support in content creation.
  5. Contribute your gifts.
  6. Celebrate your wins.


What Group Members Say

    Shera held beautiful space for us daily. Im grateful for what I have been able to accomplish in a month. Fantastic system for staying on track and having support while holding myself accountable.

    Tara S.

    Wellness Coach, Chicago

      Shera is a very wise and generous coach. Fantastic daily exercises to keep me grounded!

      Leslie K.

      Writing Coach, Berkeley

        Starting my day with the group gave me the hope, momentum and insight I needed.

        Tim C.

        IT Specialist, Prescott, AZ

          Meta just offered me a year remote contract!

          Gloria L.

          Marina Del Rey, CA

            No-nonsense, practical tools and daily lessons to keep me accountable to myself and others. Her approach is clear, focused, and compassionate. Definitely helped me raise the integrity bar.

            Vineet S.

            IT Marketing, Mumbai

            We Look Forward to Seeing You

            Together We Can Do More

            Our accountability groups are typically a 21-day mastermind to help change-makers, visionaries, trailblazers experience breakthroughs. Join us and experience the power of community as we accomplish our dreams.