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Bridging the Human Divide

Igniting Conversations to Unite Communities

Conversations with Changemakers

Bridging the Human Divide is a video podcast of weekly conversations with everyday change-makers. These individuals are committed to moving from polarization to understanding of divergent perspectives in our communities, organizations, and personal relationships.

The Goal of Our Dialogue

Inviting Collective Heart Intelligence

The intent is to invite all to gather around the fire of collective heart intelligence. This way, we can all move forward with more grace, understanding, dialog, and engaged compassion in action. All interviews are live on Facebook and recordings are available on the “Igniting the Spark” YouTube channel (please subscribe) and “Igniting the Spark” Facebook page.

Conversations That Matter

Podcast Episodes

Accessing the Divine Feminine

July 15 at 11 am PT

Join us with Susie Belier, Holistic Health Practitioner and founder of the Creation Temple in Sedona, AZ. We’ll discuss ways to access and incorporate more of the Divine Feminine into our conversations and interactions during these unprecedented times.
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Regenerative Practices

July 22 at 11 am PT

Dustin Sinestra, Executive Director of the Northern Arizona Restorative Justice Coalition, will share his regenerative practices for bridging the human divide within our social institutions.
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Beyond Polarization

July 29 at 11 am PT

Join us with Charlie Reibach from Beyond Polarization Consulting for a deep discussion.
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Relational Somatics

August 5 at 11 am PT

Julia Bystrova, founder of The Inner Resilience Network, will discuss her life-long journey using Relational Somatics to bridge the human divide.
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Embracing with Shadow

August 19 at 11 am PT

Nikki Rae, Holistic Health Practitioner, animal advocate, speaker, and author, will share perspectives on embracing the shadow to reach a deeper level of compassion for self and others.
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Radical Empathy

August 26 at 11 am PT

Katrina Vaillancourt, NVC Facilitator and Author, will share empathy and communication practices that can diffuse any division and separation into a state of understanding and connection.

Radical Forgiveness

September 2 at 11 am PT

Ana Holub, a certified Radical Forgiveness coach and Peace Educator, will explore the root of divisiveness and look at forgiveness as a way to expand into peace and wholeness.
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Seeing all as Family

September 9 at 11 am PT

Samantha Sweetwater, Professional Human, will speak on language as a co-generative of relationship, interconnection and interbeing and how we can depolarize our world through the language we choose and use.
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The Collective Mirror as a Tool for Transformation

September 16 at 11 am PT

Elizabeth Moriarty, Medicine Woman, will share her profound insights and practices on what it’s going to take for us to bridge the human divide, and also to survive with grace and evolve with compassion.
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Dance as A Universal Harmonizer

September 23 at 11 am PT

Stacey Butcher, an Open Floor Movement teacher, will join us in this episode.
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The Teachings of Aloha

September 30 at 11 am PT

Will Chang, Founder of the I Am Absolute Center, will share teachings of Aloha from his native land of Hawaii to bridge the human divide.
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Claiming Our Sovereignty In Times of Turmoil

October 28 at 11 am PT

Amanda Elo’esh Johnson, Transformational Coach and Ceremonialist will take a deep dive into the very heart of leadership when our core is being rocked and attacked.