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Career Coaching

Clarity, Vision, Focus

Align Your Career

I’ve been a certified career/life transition coach for 15 years helping hundreds of professionals. Whether you are looking to recalibrate your personal compass, get guidance on career advancement, or navigate a career transition, I partner with you to create the career you love.

“Igniting the Spark” career coaching focuses on more than helping you ace an interview or get a promotion. We dig deep to excavate your “vocation arousal”, enabling you to live a fulfilling life.

With assessment tools and a variety of rich processes, we create a personalized plan for you.

Career Roadmap

I take you through a powerful process that reveals clarity of purpose and mission. Next, we create a career roadmap aligned with your values, vision, and career and business goals.

Strategy Toolkit

We build your personal brand with a magnetic LinkedIn profile, a compelling resume, social media. We dive deep into interview coaching, and creating a networking and career search strategy.

Small Business Coaching

For those who decide to start their own business, I provide a proven system used to launch hundreds of successful businesses. We align your identity, customers, marketing and business plan.

Committed Partnership

We Start with Your Inner Game

Are you employed, underemployed or ready to start your own business? We start with an assessment of where you’ve been, where you are, and the new frontiers you’re exploring.

We will look at economic projections, salary guidelines, and the opportunities available in emerging industries. We will also look at whether to position you as a specialist or a generalist.

We will explore the answers to these potent questions:

  • What makes you come alive?
  • What’s your personal mission or vision?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What limiting beliefs are not serving you?
  • What would you do if you knew you would succeed?

What to Expect

3-Month Career Program

11 Hours
of 1:1 Sessions

Resume & LinkedIn

Accountability Group
and Guest Expert

of All Calls

Handouts, Resources
& Email Support

Action Plan

The Process

Align Your Vision and Values with Purpose and Passion


Choose from 3 Packages

6-Month Program: $4,297
or ask about monthly payments

3-Month Program: $2,097
or ask about monthly payments

Sample 3 Sessions: $497
(and option to upgrade to 3- or 6-month program)

Purchase a La Carte:
$200 per coaching session
$497 for resume and LinkedIn optimization

If you have questions,
please schedule a virtual meeting.

Customized Business Coaching

Sample 10-Week Engagement

  • Session 1: Align your values, vision, and purpose
  • Session 2: Identify limiting beliefs, and build a resilient inner economy.
  • Session 3: Develop your personal identity.
  • Session 4: Identify your audience and their needs.
  • Session 5: Refine your solutions.
  • Session 6: Set up your marketing plan.
  • Session 7: Build your net worth by building your network with six degrees of separation.
  • Session 8: Establish productivity systems.
  • Session 9: Find your accountability partners or your personal board of advisors.
  • Session 10: Put your leadership into action.


What Clients Say

    I started working with Shera through a significant career transition, both geographically and industry. Her international experience and broad based industry experience made us a great team. She very skillfully helped me reposition myself into my dream industry within 6 months, and I recently accepted a position much more in alignment with my long term goals.

    Gloria Bradbury

    Product Development, Immersive Technologies.

      Shera crafted a brilliant resume and a strategic career branding plan for me- turning my call back rate from sluggish to Slammin’! Within 6 1/2 weeks of working with Shera, I accepted an offer for my “dream job.” I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made in my career and have retained her services for the past 18 months.

      Bill Polits

      VP Business Development

        Shera helped me transition from a wife and stay-at-home mom to a successful business owner, providing customer service training to the financial industry here in New York City.

        Goldie Blum

        New York

          Shera led the development of our front line global leadership training that has now impacted over 200, 000 employees throughout APAC, EMEA and CALA.. She partnered with OD and SR HR Partners to create project plan. She did an amazing job as assimilating the most important elements of our needs analysis and previous content across regions to develop a very well received global front line leadership training.


          Business Professional

            Shera is a great coach, whether you're looking for a career, resume or life coach, Shera's invaluable experience and positive attitude can help get you clear, accountable and on your path to achieving your goals. She’s a pleasure to work with. She can quickly “see” your strengths and potential as well as your limiting beliefs, patterns and will challenge you appropriately. After being out of the workforce for several years, Shera helped me rediscover my values, how to position my skills and experience, and to articulate what I offer clearly and powerfully in a resume. She reawakened my confidence and provided me with resources and tips I needed to get out their again into the business world. Within one week after using the resume Shera created for me, I had 3 interviews and accepted the offer.

            Charlie Rebich

            Business Development Executive

              Shera has been the wind in the sails of our aspiring entrepreneurs (and a mighty wind indeed)! Her inspired leadership, compassion, and drive has led the most accomplished group of C.E.O. Women clients yet! We are all filled with gratitude for her service and for sharing her unique ability to empower both colleagues and clients.

              Kate Hamilton

              Program Director, CEO Women

                I’ve never been this excited about a job in a long, long time. You always talk about doing something you are passionate about and now I am surrounded with a whole bunch of people who are passionate for who they work for and what they are doing. It is a pretty neat feeling! I really did appreciate all your help in preparing my resume and helping me prepare for those stressful interviews. The most important thing you did offer me were direction, focus and confidence especially at a time when I was the most frustrated, angry and feeling much despair. You kept me feeling positive and good about myself and never let me give up. Thank you for all your support and belief in me.

                Paul M.

                Vancouver City Planner, Transportation

                  What I love about working with Shera is her wisdom, insights, and the ability to bring me back home to my whole self. And that is where I need to be in order to run my business and be there for my clients, employees, and family.

                  Wendy E.

                  Senior Project Manager

                    Shera is simply the best! She coached me on how to apply for a marketing internship in London, created a resume, cover letter and application that propelled my career forward. She continues to stay in touch providing me with tips so that I continue to succeed. Because of Shera, I have am now working in my dream job and career.

                    Maria Fonseca

                    Senior Marketing Manager, Okta, Inc.

                      Shera is a no-nonsense, action-oriented consultant. She understands the challenges of a small business owner/social entrepreneur and asks questions that go straight to the core. As a result or our sessions, I now have a marketing message and presence that is more authentic and transparent, and allows me to really connect with and meet the needs of my clients and customers. She is a savvy, creative professional that walks her talk, down-to-earth and fun to work with.

                      Steven Sodokoff

                      Entrepreneur, San Francisco

                        Weekly 1:1 sessions with Shera have propelled me into action. I am ready to hire 3 new practicioners, and with Shera’s guidance am developing our first on-line accreditation course . Here guidance has also opened up my dream to return to graduate school and secure my nurse practicioners license.

                        Simone D.

                        Founder, Marin Auryuvedic

                          I was immersed in my day-to-day business, unable to lift my head up long enough to remember the long-term vision, what got me started, and who else I wanted to bring along. Shera’s very focused questioning and assistance with short and long-term goal setting has helped me to feel calmer, more in charge of my business, and also to recognize that the hiccups along the way may well be necessary side excursions.“The Future is Now” exercise I seized on immediately and it sits on my laptop desktop, in the middle, all on its own. It is the first thing I see when I click to open, the last thing when I click to close. I visit it regularly, see if I am on track, modify it occasionally to bring in new realities.

                          Green Mary

                          Business Owner, Sustainability Educator

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