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Community Resilience Project

In times of change, the question arises:

How Are You Showing Up?

Between 2015 and 2020, Northern California, where I had resided for over 30 years, lost over 34 million acres of land in devastating fires.  Many friends and families I knew lost their homes.  From the shock, trauma, and grief emerged a movement of community particularly in the North and East Bays of the San Francisco Bay Area.

We  discovered that the social architecture of a resilient community includes collaborative leadership, communication systems and models such as Non-Violent Communication (NVC) ,  compassion and empathy. The mindset that we are all in this together is at the core of resiliency.

The project is an online community model of ideas and resources grounded in the essential components of Community Resilience. It is a work in progress.

From Oakland, CA

Pioneering Resilience

Shera Sever and Jo Townson developed The Community Resilience Project, using Oakland, CA neighborhoods as our pilot area. The project is an online community model of ideas, resources, and the essential components of community resiliency. Today, the need to empower each other to build healthy and united communities is the medicine for our times.

Our Core Beliefs

Healthy Communities Start with Connected Neighborhoods

We believe community resilience is our moral responsibility. We hold that neighborhood communities are one of the most important social structures to support the well-being of people. We envision resilient communities as inclusive spaces where everyone’s voice and concerns are heard and where collaborative solutions are encouraged.

Sustainability and Social Justice

For Now and for Future Generations

Our commitment lies in promoting environmentally sustainable, socially just, safe, and healthy neighborhoods and communities for now and future generations. We invite you to use the beta model and ideas here to create your own version of community resiliency.

Current Efforts and Future Plans

Soil and Social Permaculture

Since 2020, our efforts have expanded to Sedona, Arizona and the Verde Valley with a drive to encourage community gardens, youth leadership, supporting local commerce and building neighborhood groups. One of our many successes is the Sedona Greenhouse Project which is flourishing in creating high desert food forests.

Our next project will be in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, again with a focus on food forests, composting, water preservation and cross-cultural understanding.

We offer an online template allowing any size community to build a connected, sustainable, resilient community based on our Six Pillars of Community Resilience.