Embrace Your Future: How to Dream Big and Make It a Reality

Life isn’t just about seeking what you want; it’s about envisioning and embracing what’s ideal. It’s about not just imagining something better, but about dreaming up your paradise. Don’t just hope for happiness; dream of ecstasy. Embracing your dreams and learning to plan big isn’t just an exercise—it’s a necessary part of moving forward in life. In this post, I’ll share with you a few exercises that I’ve found incredibly helpful when planning for the future.

Recognizing Your Achievements

Before setting your sights on new horizons, it’s vital to honor where you’ve come from. Reflecting on your past accomplishments and growth can serve as a stepping stone towards future success.

Take a moment to reflect on your recent accomplishments. Look back on your journey, identify the cycles you’ve been through, the challenges you’ve surmounted, and the achievements you’ve collected.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What were your most significant achievements?
  • What essential lessons did you learn that you can bring into your future?
  • What word or theme best describes your previous year?

For instance, my greatest achievement was starting an online graduate program in Cognitive Science with a focus on Online Learning. My most significant lesson was learning to trust, surrender, and love myself. My theme was ‘Authentic Presence is Power’. Your answers will likely be different, but the purpose remains the same: to draw strength and inspiration from your past.

Visualizing Your Ideal Future

Once you’ve recognized your past accomplishments and learned from them, it’s time to focus on the future. Let’s dive into an exercise that has always been incredibly powerful for me.

Put yourself in a relaxed, meditative state. Let your breath become deep and steady, and allow a sense of peace to wash over you. Playing music at specific frequencies (963, 852, or 639 hz) can greatly aid this process—Barry Goldstein, Steven Halpern, Jacques Chollet, and HemiSync are all excellent sources.

Once you’re relaxed, imagine the perfect end to the upcoming year. Visualize being with a few close friends, reminiscing about what an incredible year it’s been. What happened? When and where did it take place? What were the highlights? How did you feel? Who was there with you?

Dive deep into this journey for at least 5-10 minutes. Once you’ve fully immersed yourself, pull out your journal and write about your envisioned year. This act of visualization not only brings clarity but also imprints your dreams onto your subconscious, making them more likely to manifest.

Becoming the Change You Wish to See

Embracing the idea of dreaming big isn’t just about personal success—it’s also about inspiring change. As we dive into the future, I’m thrilled to announce new programs: Empowered Self and Authentic Leader. These programs aim to assist you in becoming not only the best version of yourself but also an influential leader who can drive positive change.

Oprah once said, “Why are you here? That’s the ultimate question that you get to answer with every action, thought, and feeling.” So, why are you here? What’s the big dream that you’re pursuing? Remember, the best way to predict your future is to create it. Here’s to dreaming big and making those dreams a reality!


Shera Sever is a leadership consultant, empowering professionals and organizations to reach their peak performance.

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