Harnessing the Vision and Passion as an Awakened Entrepreneur

A business without a vision is like a ship without a compass. It lacks direction, purpose, and ultimately, the soul that fuels passion. And without passion, a business is simply an empty vessel doomed to sink. That’s why Awakened Entrepreneurs—the passionate leaders of our world—are so crucial. These trailblazers build enterprises that unify two vital visions: one for their lives and one for their businesses. When fused together, these visions become the engine propelling their strategic planning and guaranteeing their ventures’ growth.

The Essence of an Awakened Entrepreneur

Awakened Entrepreneurs embody a deep understanding of their purpose. They can readily answer pivotal questions such as: What do I stand for? What is my purpose for being here? What are my core values and guiding principles? And how do these principles manifest in my day-to-day life?

These entrepreneurs are lifelong learners of leadership, continually evolving and adapting. Regardless of whether you have an existing business needing a strategic boost or you’re contemplating starting a new venture, here are some critical questions to reflect upon:

Key Questions for the Awakened Entrepreneur

  1. Personal Vision: What do I stand for? How will my business reflect that?
  2. Power Partners: Who are the best possible people to have on my team? According to Jim Collings, author of Good to Great, it’s crucial to assemble the right team before defining the vision and mission—a strategy embraced by Awakened Entrepreneurs.
  3. Target Market: Who am I serving? How am I serving them? Awakened Entrepreneurs understand that their business exists for the greater good and not just for profits.
  4. Fulfilling Needs: What need is my business fulfilling? As an Awakened Entrepreneur, your product or service should fill a real need—not a manufactured one—and serve the greater good.
  5. Unique Value Proposition: What do I do better than anyone else? How am I doing that? How do I know? These questions keep Awakened Entrepreneurs accountable to their extraordinary standards, reinforcing their unique value in the market.
  6. Potential Obstacles: What potential challenges might obstruct the vision? When difficulties arise, Awakened Entrepreneurs continually question themselves: What am I pretending not to know?
  7. Mentors and Inspiration: Who are my mentors? Where do I get the inspiration to keep going? It’s crucial to have a council of advisors who can provide guidance and witness your decisions, actions, and leadership.
  8. Goals and Resources: What are our short and long term goals? What resources do we need to achieve these goals?
  9. Integration of Strategic Plan: How do I infuse the strategic plan throughout my company? Transparent communication is key here, allowing everyone to take responsibility for the strategic plan.
  10. Rewarding Success: How do I celebrate success? Recognition should be an ongoing process within your company, making sure to acknowledge your team for their efforts.

An Awakened Entrepreneur leads a business that makes a distinctive impact, delivers superior performance, and achieves lasting endurance with sustainable results—all through the power of vision, passion, and soul.


Shera Sever is a leadership consultant, empowering professionals and organizations to reach their peak performance.

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