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We design and deliver power skill courses for the people side of business, using adaptive L&D methodologies, blended/micro-learning, design thinking, and participatory collaboration. Now with ChatGPT, we can produce and customized, compelling content for CX and EX in less time.

Fostering a Learning Culture

Your Essential Advantage

A learning culture is an environment that demonstrates and encourages individual and organizational learning, and where both gaining and sharing knowledge is prioritized, valued, and rewarded. It becomes part of the ecosystem of the organization.

Learning fuels innovation, enhances productivity, and promotes resilience.


Strategic Stakeholder Sessions

We facilitate sessions with stakeholders reviewing organizational strategic plans, employee professional development, or customer product education needs.

End-to-End Project Management

We provide comprehensive project management from needs analysis to design, content development, delivery and evaluation.

Flexible Learning Design

Our solutions are rooted in cognitive science, adult pedagogy and design thinking. We utilize adaptable learning methodologies like ADDIE and AGILE.

Custom Content Creation

We generate and iterate learner-centric content guided by Bloom’s Taxonomy, measurable objectives, and your strategic goals. We can use prompt engineering to expedite content creation.

Expert Facilitation

With decades of experience facilitating live, blended, and virtual courses and workshops, we engage diverse audiences and learning styles with fun, meaningful and transformative experiences.


Summative and formative evaluations are built into our universal design framework allowing for ongoing performance improvement and coaching.

The Process

We Design Live and Virtual Courses


What Clients Say

    Shera is an exceptionally thorough content developer, researcher and writer, and we have used her experience for our Diversity Certification Courses both live and on-line and revamping our website. She is excellent at engaging with our clients, managing consulting projects, and providing coaching that keeps our clients on top of their game. With Shera, you will get a highly competent, collaborative, and self-managed professional.

    Dr. Billy Vaughn

    Diversity Training University International

      Shera is an enthusiastic , creative , committed facilitator and was one of our top rated instructors for over 8 years. She is very collaborate and we were delighted to have her as one of our curriculum designers for a our new culture and communications program. Her classes are engaging, fun and creative for our international students.

      Mimi Ritzema

      Academic Director, UC Berkeley Extension

        Shera led the development of our front line global leadership training that has now impacted over 200, 000 employees throughout APAC, EMEA and CALA.. She partnered with OD and SR HR Partners to create project plan. She did an amazing job as assimilating the most important elements of our needs analysis and previous content across regions to develop a very well received global front line leadership training.

        Susan Sarpa

        Director of Learning & Development, Flextronics

          We appreciated having Shera as part of our Unify team. She has a keen insight that allows her to quickly see where organizations need to align systems, competencies, content and delivery platforms. Her contributions to our regional consultant communication, DEI and L & D efforts were valuable steps in guiding our internal operations in the Northern California region.

          Leslie K.

          Unify Consulting, Seattle, WA

            In our programs Shera was at the forefront of developing innovative language communication curriculum with leading technologies. Shera is a teacher’s teacher and her sensitivity to different learning styles and cultures guarantee engaging and truly innovative blend learning materials presented in multi-formats. Shera’s training workshops were always a refreshing detour from the usual pedagogical fair. In a nutshell, she is a communications genius.

            Dr. Jeffrey Breyer

            MBA Professor, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona

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