Maintaining Real Connections: Insights from Wisdom 2.0

How do we maintain genuine, compassionate connections while navigating the age of AI, nonstop data, and constant connectivity?

The Wisdom 2.0 conference, spearheaded by Soren Gordhamer, seeks to address this very issue.

Below are the highlights from a few of the presentations at the conference.

1. Konda Mason: “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”

In her inspiring speech, Konda emphasized Oakland’s role as a beacon of “Collective Consciousness of Equity & Social Justice.”

2. Brandon Stanton: “Telling a Different Story”

The mastermind behind ‘Humans of New York’, Stanton shared his experience of having “10,000 conversations with strangers that moved from fear to intimacy and trust,” and the power of uncovering the unique stories that define us.

3. Roshi Joan Halifax: “Compassion as the Radicalism of Our Times”

Halifax urged attendees to view compassion as a “sane, healthy, collaborative radical necessity.” She implored the audience to disrupt complacency and embrace compassion.

4. Chade Meng Tan: “Mindfulness in Business”

Tan stated that “Wise and Compassionate Leaders Create the Conditions for World Peace,” reminding us of the immense potential we possess to influence global harmony.

5. Jeff Weiner, Fred Kofman, Soren Gordhamer: “Lessons in Conscious Business”

Weiner underscored LinkedIn’s vision to “create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce,” highlighting the unifying power of a common purpose.


Shera Sever is a leadership consultant, empowering professionals and organizations to reach their peak performance.

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