Staying Aligned in Uncertain Times

There’s no denying it – we’re navigating through uncharted waters. The swift pace of change and the relentless demands of technology are constantly nudging us out of our comfort zones. However, it’s precisely in these challenging spaces that we often discover hidden magic.

I’ve outlined 12 practices for anyone committed to giving their all, to stepping up and embracing life fully. After all, leadership begins with personal practices and daily habits.

Here’s my formula for staying aligned amidst uncertainty. Consider focusing on one of these per month until it becomes an ingrained habit.

  1. Hydrate Frequently: Aim to drink lots of water throughout the day, starting with a fresh lemon-infused glass in the morning.
  2. Maintain an Alkaline Diet: Try to limit or eliminate meat, coffee, alcohol, and sugar. Instead, opt for live, organic foods. Investing in superfoods can provide essential nutrients. Visit for more insights.
  3. Adopt a Daily Practice: Engage in yoga, meditation, or other forms of movement. A brisk 30-minute morning walk can often offer more immediate benefits than years of therapy.
  4. Engage in Essential Dialogs™: Join a women’s or men’s circle. True authenticity stems from uncompromised honesty, often catalyzed by being witnessed in supportive environments.
  5. Stay Curious and Inclusive: Broaden your perception of what community is or could be. Try to truly see others – move beyond standard responses like “Great” or “I’m fine”. Remember, our deepest spiritual desire as human beings is the longing for genuine mutual recognition.
  6. Perform “Karmic Root Canals” Often: Dig deep to address any limiting beliefs that aren’t aligned with your authentic self. Utilize tools like Access Consciousness, EFT, HeartMath, and more.
  7. Practice Kindness, Vulnerability, and Compassion: Avoid judgments, criticism, and gossip.
  8. Listen More, Speak Less: Aim to actively listen twice as much as you speak. Always ask yourself, “How can I serve this person?”
  9. Forgive Regularly: Forgive yourself and others on a frequent basis.
  10. Be Generous: Give things away freely, particularly your heart. Visit Bay Area Organizing Solutions at for some inspiring ideas.
  11. Cultivate Gratitude: Make a habit of expressing feelings of gratitude every day.
  12. Breathe: Inhale love, exhale fear. Smile from within – you’ll feel a world of difference.


Shera Sever is a leadership consultant, empowering professionals and organizations to reach their peak performance.

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