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Career Coaching Testimonials

    I started working with Shera through a significant career transition, both geographically and industry. Her international experience and broad based industry experience made us a great team. She very skillfully helped me reposition myself into my dream industry within 6 months. I appreciated the variety of resources she brought into our session which allowed me to dig deep and stay on track during a challenging time. I gained even more confidence and clarity as a result of my sessions with her and recently accepted an offer for a new position that is in line with my long-term goals.

    Gloria Bradbury

    Product Development, Immersive Technologies

      Shera helped me transition from a wife and stay-at-home mom to a successful business owner, providing customer service training to the financial industry here in New York City.

      Goldie Blum

      New York

        Shera is a great coach, whether you're looking for a career, resume or life coach, Shera's invaluable experience and positive attitude can help get you clear, accountable and on your path to achieving your goals. She’s a pleasure to work with. She can quickly “see” your strengths and potential as well as your limiting beliefs, patterns and will challenge you appropriately. After being out of the workforce for several years, Shera helped me rediscover my values, how to position my skills and experience, and to articulate what I offer clearly and powerfully in a resume. She reawakened my confidence and provided me with resources and tips I needed to get out their again into the business world. Within one week after using the resume Shera created for me, I had 3 interviews and accepted the offer.

        Charlie Rebich

        Business Development Executive

          I’ve never been this excited about a job in a long, long time. You always talk about doing something you are passionate about and now I am surrounded with a whole bunch of people who are passionate for who they work for and what they are doing. It is a pretty neat feeling! I really did appreciate all your help in preparing my resume and helping me prepare for those stressful interviews. The most important thing you did offer me were direction, focus and confidence especially at a time when I was the most frustrated, angry and feeling much despair. You kept me feeling positive and good about myself and never let me give up. Thank you for all your support and belief in me.

          Paul M.

          Vancouver City Planner, Transportation

            Shera is simply the best! She coached me on how to apply for a marketing internship in London, created a resume, cover letter and application that propelled my career forward. She continues to stay in touch providing me with tips so that I continue to succeed. Because of Shera, I have am now working in my dream job and career.

            Maria Fonseca

            Senior Marketing Manager, Okta, Inc.

              Weekly 1:1 sessions with Shera have propelled me into action. I am ready to hire 3 new practicioners, and with Shera’s guidance am developing our first on-line accreditation course . Here guidance has also opened up my dream to return to graduate school and secure my nurse practicioners license.

              Simone D.

              Founder, Marin Auryuvedic

                I was referred to Shera by a colleague. Before our first coaching session, I had been searching for work for over 5 months with very few callbacks. Her process is dynamic, creative, results-oriented, realistic, and very insightful. Shera crafted a brilliant resume and a strategic career branding plan for me- turning my call back rate from sluggish to Slammin’! Within 6 1/2 weeks of working with Shera, I accepted an offer for my “dream job.” I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made in my career and have retained her services for the past 18 months . As a result, I am still with the same company, and have received several promotions .. It goes without saying that she’s the first person I turn to for career management advice and decisions. I am grateful every day that Shera is on my team!

                Bill Polits

                VP Business Development

                  Shera led the development of our front line global leadership training that has now impacted over 200, 000 employees throughout APAC, EMEA and CALA.. She partnered with OD and SR HR Partners to create project plan. She did an amazing job as assimilating the most important elements of our needs analysis and previous content across regions to develop a very well received global front line leadership training.


                  Business Professional

                    Shera has been the wind in the sails of our aspiring entrepreneurs (and a mighty wind indeed)! Her inspired leadership, compassion, and drive has led the most accomplished group of C.E.O. Women clients yet! We are all filled with gratitude for her service and for sharing her unique ability to empower both colleagues and clients.

                    Kate Hamilton

                    Program Director, CEO Women

                      What I love about working with Shera is her wisdom, insights, and the ability to bring me back home to my whole self. And that is where I need to be in order to run my business and be there for my clients, employees, and family.

                      Wendy E.

                      Senior Project Manager

                        Shera is a no-nonsense, action-oriented consultant. She understands the challenges of a small business owner/social entrepreneur and asks questions that go straight to the core. As a result or our sessions, I now have a marketing message and presence that is more authentic and transparent, and allows me to really connect with and meet the needs of my clients and customers. She is a savvy, creative professional that walks her talk, down-to-earth and fun to work with.

                        Steven Sodokoff

                        Entrepreneur, San Francisco

                          I was immersed in my day -to -day business, unable to lift my head up long enough to remember the long -term vision, what got me started, and who else I wanted to bring along. Shera’s very focused questioning and assistance with short and long-term goal setting has helped me to feel calmer, more in charge of my business, and also to recognize that the hiccups along the way may well be necessary side excursions.“The Future is Now” exercise I seized on immediately and it sits on my laptop desktop, in the middle, all on its own. It is the first thing I see when I click to open, the last thing when I click to close. I visit it regularly, see if I am on track, modify it occasionally to bring in new realities.

                          Green Mary

                          Business Owner, Sustainability Educator

                          Organizational Leadership Development Testimonials

                            I brought Shera onto to our team to support the development of a new agency-wide onboarding program that was at the forefront of a cultural shift for all levels of the organization. Her content creation is impactful, alive, and engaging, reflecting her deep and broad based experience as an organizational consultant. She's a stellar addition to any company looking for a strong, insightful, and resilient leader.

                            Rebekah Ramos

                            Director, Organizational Development and Change

                              We appreciated having Shera as part of our Unify team. She has a keen insight that allows her to quickly see where organizations need to align systems, competencies, content and delivery platforms. Her contributions to our regional consultant communication, DEI and L & D efforts were valuable steps in guiding our internal operations in the Northern California region.

                              Leslie K.

                              Unify Consulting, Seattle, WA

                                We have been delighted for the past 5 years with the results of our Social Media Campaigns under the direction of Shera Sever. She expanded our network on line by the thousands in a very short amount of time with her creative content and engaging communication, increasing attendance by over 50%/ She has deep experience and insight into the event production business, and taught us how to work smarter, not harder. She is brilliant, very creative, highly accountable, and very easy to work with.

                                Gianna Ranuzzi

                                Producer, Berkeley World Music Festival

                                  Shera guided our company through a change initiative that has resulted in better company wide operational systems, hiring decisions, employee engagement, and a huge reduction in our operational costs. She is brilliant and a delight to work with.

                                  Megan Woods

                                  VP Enhanced Lighting & Design

                                    Shera led the development of our front line global leadership training that has now impacted over 200, 000 employees throughout APAC, EMEA and CALA.. She partnered with OD and SR HR Partners to create project plan. She did an amazing job as assimilating the most important elements of our needs analysis and previous content across regions to develop a very well received global front line leadership training.

                                    Susan Sarpa

                                    Director of Learning & Development, Flextronics

                                      Shera is an outstanding leadership development facilitator. She continues to receive instant results and rave reviews from our Chairs and Regional Leaders. I continue to call upon Shera for new ways to support our Hispanic Chamber non-profit organizations improving operations through leadership development. I highly recommend her.

                                      Dr. Guido Minaya

                                      California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

                                        Shera created a 5 yr company wide professional development curriculum for our corporate headquarters with a focus on necessary leaderships development, DEI and Communicating Effectively. Her content was brilliant, well received by over 25, 000 district managers. It was a milestone for us to deploy 360 feedback and Diversity Training.

                                        Collette L.

                                        Director of Organizational Development

                                          Shera provided a vital service for our training company by organizing our hiring process of a marketing manager. She tuned in to what we needed, got the word out, interviewed and pre-selected candidates, and sent us the best people to meet. From this we got the exact right person who is still with us today. I highly recommend Shera for her focus, people skills, and effectiveness.

                                          Peter O’Hanrahan

                                          Trifold Ennegram School, San Francisco Bay Area

                                            Shera and I met when I joined McGraw-Hill as Director of Marketing and Sales Services for its ESL/ELT division. She was employed as our U.S. Western Regional Senior Consultant. I found Sheryl to be professional, very creative, organized, hard working, and a person of integrity. What also impressed me was her in-depth knowledge and experience working in adult learning venues. She has a natural ability to engage and motivate her audiences. While at McGraw-Hill, Sheryl helped to recruit and train several of our other consultants, as well as participated in product training for our sales reps. She also developed and then delivered compelling presentations to classroom, conference, and convention audiences, thereby facilitating sales revenue. She was a pleasure to work with and I definitely recommend her.

                                            Cheri Allen

                                            Marketing & Sales

                                            Learning Design & Facilitation Testimonials

                                              Shera is an exceptionally thorough content developer, researcher and writer, and we have used her experience for our Diversity Certification Courses both live and on-line and revamping our website. She is excellent at engaging with our clients, managing consulting projects, and providing coaching that keeps our clients on top of their game. With Shera, you will get a highly competent, collaborative, and self-managed professional.

                                              Dr. Billy Vaughn

                                              Diversity Training University International

                                                Shera developed and piloted an award winning Vocational Educational Program for Career Development specialists that received several awards and funding for many years as one of the most innovative curricula in adult vocational education. She is a focused, innovative and a real powerhouse.

                                                Abby Snay

                                                Executive Director, Jewish Vocational Services

                                                  Engaging attendees in an online symposium takes a very special skill set. Shera was masterful at translating and responding to audience needs (via our technologies) while keeping the panel and presenters focused and on task at our IDEATE Inaugural l Event. We look forward to having her return for future online facilitation.

                                                  OnLine Learing Consortium

                                                  Boston, MA

                                                    During my tenure as a instructor at the University of California Berkley English Language Program, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to work with Shera Sever on a major curriculum overall as well as a co-presenter. Shera is fun to work with: full of energy and creativity. In our programs she was at the forefront of developing innovative language communication curriculum with leading technologies. Shera is a teacher’s teacher and her sensitivity to different learning styles and cultures guarantee engaging and truly innovative blend learning materials presented in multi-formats. Shera’s training workshops were always a refreshing detour from the usual pedagogical fair. Today, as a small business owner in Barcelona, I continue to use Sheryl as a consultant for my web marketing and curriculum design for my clients. She has helped me focus on product development and examine my marketing message and short and long term business objectives. If you are ready to take your business or learning organization to the next level, I highly recommend partnering with a Shera. In a nutshell, she is a communications genius.

                                                    Dr. Jeffrey Breyer

                                                    Intercultural Communications Consultant

                                                      Shera created and facilitated a two-day training for Human Resources Leaders t for our client organizations. She developed fantastic materials that our leaders could immediately implement and delivered her training in a highly informative and engaging manner. Sheryl set the gold standard for all of our consultants and we look forward to working with her again soon.

                                                      Cecily Jackson

                                                      Program Manager, CARAT, Los Angeles & Oakland

                                                        Shera is an enthusiastic , creative , committed facilitator and was one of our top rated instructors for over 8 years. She is very collaborate and we were delighted to have her as one of our curriculum designers for a our new culture and communications program. Her classes are engaging, fun and creative for our international students.

                                                        Mimi Ritzema

                                                        Academic Director, UC Berkeley Extension

                                                          We are thrilled with the revamp and enhancements for the Law and Social Justice undergraduate and graduate program curricula made possible by Shera’s consulting work. Our thanks to Shera Sever and Minaya Learning for partnering with us in our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.

                                                          Guido A. Minaya

                                                          MBA, Ed.D. CAHCC Business Leadership Institute

                                                            Our associates have benefited greatly from your pilot training program, and we are already seeing results. We plan to incorporate your suggestions and materials into our Customer Service Call Center training.


                                                            US SPRINT, Director of Human Resources

                                                              Shera designed and delivered Career Transition courses for our campus and spearheaded the advancement of the SFSU Professional Development program attracting clients like Apple, Adobe, Morrison and Forester. She developed and delivered a number of highly effective and engaging communication courses for their international employees, and greatly enhanced our visibility and partnerships in the greater business community. She was a joy to work with, highly professional, accountable, and insightful.

                                                              Lauren V.

                                                              Academic Director, San Francisco College

                                                                Shera did an incredible job in the creation of the Sustainable World SourceBook. She recruited and managed her own research team, oversaw the compilation and editing of the book, and managed the design and layout. She wrote 80% of the content and complete a massive project under a very tight deadline. The quality of the book speaks for itself. I am praise her work and her commitment to a sustainable . Im grateful to have found her .

                                                                Vinit Allen

                                                                Executive Director, Sustainable World Coalition

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